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Carrefour Bonus Time.

Carrefour Bonus Time

How do you reach out to loyalty customers
of a chain of supermarkets?

We created a personalized mail-out in order to reward customers holding a Carrefour Bonus Card
with €5 checks for gathering a sufficient amount of Bonus Points.

This was a print loyalty campaign. 24 Direct Mailing per year minimum. (1x per month a print run of 1,050,000 copies + 1x per month 1 print run of 350,000 copies).

The Bonus Time campaign comprised several different elements: flyers, folders, samples…

What we did:

• We managed the database for special offers and packshots
• We handled the scheduling of the campaign
• We created an A4 letter containing 5 to 8 coupons with
customizable areas
• We created a segmented flyer and segmented crossroads communication
• We handled the offset printing as well as the digital version of the mail-out, and its expedition (via post and door-to-door delivery).